Guaranteed quality in English copy?

Whether you need advertising copy, press releases, technical writing, editing or proofreading, Andrew Craston will deliver the goods.

After studying History and Economics at Oxford, Andrew Craston moved to Germany in the 1970s and now has more than 35 years of experience as a copywriter and trade journalist writing English-language copy, press releases and trade articles as well as proofreading English texts.

His clients come from a wide range of industries such as agro-chemicals, coatings & plastics, financial services, lighting & LED technology, mechanical engineering & machine tools, medical technology, microelectronics, oil & gas, ports & harbours, printing & office systems, renewables, shipping, sustainability reporting, tourism and transport.

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Cross-cultural communication

If you’re looking for a more effective and economical way of producing English advertising copy from a German-speaking country, you’ve reached the right site. As an English copywriter with over 30 years of job experience in Germany, Andrew Craston knows how to avoid the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication and remove the “cultural filter” from advertising copy.

Effective English copy

Language is a means of communicating content or a specific message. But if the content is inappropriate or the message wrong, even the best-written copy will be ineffective. Experience shows that cross-cultural communication frequently lacks a suitable, internationally oriented concept. Which is why Andrew Craston offers customised copy & concept packages.

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Clear content

Since English press releases are often targeted at non-native speakers, the content has to be communicated in a clear and readily understandable manner. This is particularly true of press releases for technically complex products or services. Clarity in language, content and structure is a prerequisite for successful PR work. Another is that a text reads well.

Good writing

Today’s information overkill means that press releases will be binned if they don’t make an instant impact. The art of good writing is to communicate technically complex subject matter in such a way that the reader not only understands but also enjoys what he is reading. Andrew Craston can call on skills finely honed in many years of writing press releases for international companies from a wide range of industries.

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Sound research and bright ideas

Articles for the trade press and customer or in-house magazines, case studies and corporate publications: if you appreciate carefully researched content and clarity in technical writing, you’ve reached the right address. After all, the secret of successful writing is not just in-depth research, but also the bright idea that instantly arouses the reader’s attention.

Several international companies also entrust Andrew Craston with overall editorial responsibility for customer magazines published in up to six European languages. And if you require an article on a German firm or any aspect of German life for an English-language publication, his in-depth knowledge of the country will prove invaluable.

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Ready-for-press texts

Mistakes, bad style or literal translations mean much of what is translated from German into English is anything but ready-for-press. Andrew Craston specialises in knocking poor translations into shape or editing English texts ready for printing or publication.

Editing that pays

If Andrew Craston reworks an English translation, you can be sure the text will make an impact. That way, you profit from his many years of experience and discover the dividends that professional editing brings dividends.

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Playing it safe

Poor English translations, careless mistakes, high printing costs: who proofreads your English texts? The money you spend on professional proofreading is a sensible investment because silly mistakes not only cost you money, but are also bad for your image.

Proofreading, as the name says, means carefully checking the final proof. Since that usually involves tight deadlines, you need a proofreader who works with great care and at high speed. Andrew Craston can not just point to language skills fine-tuned in teaching school, college and university English, but will also readily admit to being a perfectionist – beneficial qualities in a proofreader.

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In our virtual world clients, copywriters, journalists and indeed all those involved in the communication business are often hundreds of miles apart. Maybe you’d like to see what Andrew Craston’s home office looks like in one of Schleswig-Holstein’s prettiest villages – or sometimes in the other home office located in the Andalusian town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda …